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Whether you are looking for a new website, social media advertising, print or radio, we will be able to provide you with a tailored service to suit all budgets.


Elris CE was formed by Chris Gregory in 2015. We began originally as a Social Media Advertising platform. We grew organically and started reaching into all areas of advertising and website design.

Elris CE are an advertising solution. We work with businesses, such as yours, where we are looking to find the best form of advertising for you. We will not break your budget. Whether you are looking for TV or radio, bill boarding, press or a targeted social media package, Elris CE are here to find the correct solution. 


With a proven history within advertising and marketing, Elris CE will work with you to find the solution you are looking for.



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The core of any business is the company website. The website must sit as the central hub to the business with all methods of advertising pointing at the website in order to showcase the company correctly. In this day and age, when we all sit down in the evening, looking at our mobile phones and tablets, having the perfect, mobile friendly website is absolutely essential.

At Elris CE, we have a comprehensive package for all companies who invest in a new, secured website through Elris CE. We offer:

- 12 months' FREE Social Media Advertising

- 12 months' FREE SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

- 12 months' FREE Website Management


Of course, how we market your secured website is one of the most important aspects of your strategy.

Social Media Advertising is one of the most cost effective methods of advertising - as well as being an excellent method of reaching your customers easily.

The advertising age has changed. So many of your customers look up businesses and services through various search engines - the phone books are thinner than they were!

Social Media Marketing is an excellent way of bringing customers to your website, simply by adding a hyperlink. Once there, any analytics programme will enable us to see how your customer has reached you - and how successful the social media campaign has been!

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Radio is a wonderful way to reach large volumes of potential customers quickly. Whether you are looking for local radio or national, we will provide a quote based on a package to suit you. 

Fancy your own jingle? Not a problem. We will provide you with your own jingle based on either a one year or two year licence!



If your business is looking to promote via special offers or discounts, the leafleting may be the answer for you. When we look at the success food delivery services have through their leafleting campaigns, a special offer may be exactly what your business needs to reach a wider audience. Prices are good - and we will only deliver to postcodes of your choice!



How many times do we decide that we like the look of a particular film due to a particular image that we have seen on the side of a bus? How many times do we fancy visiting a particular attraction for the same reason? We will be happy to quote for this - and again target the bus service of your choice!


We all know the success that can come from driving past and seeing an advert placed at a bus stop. How many people will see that advert over the course of a week? Most people will drive past the bus stop several times on their way to work: a very good way of customers remembering your website name and telephone number!

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One of the most successful and traditional methods of advertising, we will quote you regardless of whether you are looking locally or nationally!


Magazines have a wonderful way of showcasing attractions and venues. There is sometimes nothing more appropriate that that wonderful picture of a glossy hotel overlooking the sea which draws the reader in to relax and unwind.



Who can argue with the power of television? Whether you are looking to turn your successful business into a national company or simply to grow and grow, television may be for you. Call us for a quote!

Products and Servics


'We at Grand Pier (Teignmouth) Ltd have been using Chris’s Twitter services for a year now and have been very pleased with the resulting increase in new followers. Chris is a very happy and professional chap to do business with. He is always looking for new ways to boost our business, via social media, with photographs and topical information. We would not hesitate to recommend his services to others.'


Lucie Cooper

Teignmouth Pier

'This business is amaaaaaazing!!! We will be back, and you can totally help us to take over the world!'


Lynette Dare

Flossy and Jim

Working with Elris CE is a dream. Everything I asked for on my website they were able to create. My website is stylish and easy to navigate. For me communication is key and they kept me involved with everything such as the links, bios, photos, added and how my fans can easily access them. I am more than happy with my website and have suggested their services to several of my colleagues and friends.

Emily Glazener

We recently commissioned Chris Gregory of Elris CE to create new websites for our businesses Cloudberry Lily Interiors and Zazu Hair Design based in Torquay.

Chris put an enormous amount of thought, commerciality and effort into the design of the sites with a willingness to get the finished product exactly as we wanted it. We are delighted with both websites and can thoroughly recommend Chris to anyone looking for a new website at a competitive price.

Chris is your man !

Steve Hickey
Cloudberry Lily Interiors & Zazu Hair Design



TEL: 01803 459264 / Mob: 07546 564235


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